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Voice of Your Life is dedicated to the healthy voice inside you.  

Everyone - performing artist or not - deserves to understand the amazing instrument inside your throat: a small but powerful organ that unites breath and muscle; words and music; spirit, sound, and communication.

The voice is precious yet robust; you can protect it with simple daily life habits. And it's getting easier all the time to find teachers, therapists and physicians who are as dedicated to voice as you are.

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How to Avoid Vocal Strain: Lifestyle Tips for Recreational Singers - interview in Making Music

Affordable Health Care for the Voice? Not enough, Not Yet.

My August 2012 blog cheered what the Supreme Court upheld, but concerned that it won't do a lot for specialties like voice medicine and speech therapy. Leaders of Voice interview (Episode 5, date 1/1/2012)

Singers' health roundtable with Kristen Chenoweth & others, from American Theatre Magazine.  

Ever wondered exactly how yoga is or isn't good for your voice? (Mostly, it's great, but there are a few cautions.) Southern California's Whole Life Times has published my article on Yoga for Singers.

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Here's a cool intro to how your voice works.

 How is your voice doing? Take this quiz and find out!
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Everyday Voice Care: The Lifestyle Guide for Singers and Talkers

2012 edition is here!


"Drawing from her experience as a singer, theater artist, and licensed speech pathologist who has treated more than 1,000 voice patients, Cazden integrates upt-to-date medical information with common-sense suggestions and sympathy for the demands of contemporary life." —publisher


Visualizations for Singers: Guided Imagery for Vocal Health & Performance (CD/MP3

"Joanna has a unique ability to marry the technical  and spiritual aspect of voice."  —Andrea Odinov, Loyola Marymount University 
“This sold out right away! As soon as people heard about it, they wanted one.”—Jane Grady, CTMS Festival Store 

About Joanna: 

"One of the premier vocal trainers for professional voice users."          -- Kay Meyer, LinkedIn.

I grew up in a musical family, earned college & graduate degrees in theater, then toured nationally as a singer-songwriter in the women's music movement. I settled in L.A. in the 1980s and retrained in medical speech pathology with a specialty in voice rehabilitation for artists. Since 2001, I've worked part-time at a hospital-based voice clinic, and also see private clients for voice and speech rehabilitation and training. Please see Services menu for details. Lately I've included more intuitive methods in this work, to help clear energy blocks in an individual's throat or learning process. In my spare time I try to keep my own mind/body/spirit in balance; read everything from neuroscience to mystery novels; and do visual hobbies like photoshop and interior design. I live in Burbank CA & am married to Scott Wilkinson of Ultimate AV and the Home Theater Geeks podcast.   There's lots of free info on this site, so please come back & browse whenever you like. Take care out there & keep sounding great!

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